Full service concept during a furnace roll lifecycle

The production time of a furnace roll may stretch over several years and it can be refurbished several times. During the refurbishment process, the old coating layer will be removed, the roll shell will be grinded and profiled, a new coating will be applied, and the final surface finish can be polished, depending on the customer's requirements. Additionally, the shafts will be inspected and, if necessary, refurbished and machined in order to meet the specified dimensions.

Next to maintenance in our workshop we offer a furnace roll inspection on regular basis during the shutdowns of the line.

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The inspection includes the following analysis:

  • visual inspection (including microscopic images of the surface)
  • roughness check
  • profile measurement
  • surface material analysis with XRF device, which provides detailed information on the amount of manganese, iron and silicon detected on the coating surface.

Based on the above mentioned analysis each furnace roll gets its own inspection history. We can easily recognize critical developments and are able to define when maintenance needs to be done and if the applied coating performed well or has to be adjusted.

One of our well-known customers is ArcelorMittal Gent, the furnace roll inspection has already been carried out on SIDGAL3. Having identified critical rolls, we started maintenance business refurbishing single rolls, after determining most adequate coating specifications of TOCALO. Convinced of superior performance of TOCALO coating technology, also CAPL in Gent has received refurbished and coated rolls from DUMA-BANDZINK workshop.

You have a non-DUMA-BANDZINK furnace roll? Not yet experienced TOCALO furnace roll coatings? No problem, please get in touch with us. All mentioned services are also available for furnace rolls supplied by competitors.