Air-Knives and Integrated Solution


Industry-leading results for the selective application of zinc
or aluminium on continuously processed steel strip

DUMA-BANDZINK galvanizing and aluminising systems are characterized by outstanding coating results using a minimum of Zn/Al layers. Moreover, the equipment is robust in service and easy in maintenance and handling.

Our recent development is the integration of DUMA-BANDZINK JetPro Air-Knives and eMASS® strip stabilization of EMG Automation which successfully combines two market leading technologies for increasing the product and process quality in coating lines.

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Air-Knife Systems

Industry leading results for the application of zinc or aluminum to continuous steel strips - coated with highest accuracy.

DUMA-BANDZINK galvanizing and aluminizing systems create outstanding coating results due to the characteristics of their Air-Knife Systems. The extremely robust design and finish follows the aim to guarantee a high overall stiffness of the system and minimizing vibrations.

A totally uniform pressure distribution over length of the Air-Knife lips and quick pressure regulation via the patented radial controller significantly improve the coating properties - especially in the long run. DUMA-BANDZINK Air-Knives are conceived in a modular design. And many efficiency-adding add-ons are available according to customer requirements. Moreover, DUMA-BANDZINK enables investment-effective solutions where needed and applicable.

DUMA-BANDZINK Air-Knives Features

  • Pressure difference < 1% at 1.800 mm gap length
  • Pressure regulation < 6 sec. for pressure changes / new zinc-layers
  • Gap Width Adjustment
  • Lip Cleaning Device
  • Coated Air-Knife lips
  • Contactless Edge-baffles
  • Nitrogen-Supply
  • Closed-loop coating weight control
  • Electromagnetic Strip-stabilizer eMASS®
  • Heat-Protection for AluSi
  • Adjustable Sink Roll (horizontal / vertical)
  • Automatic Roll-Scrapers

Highlight: Integrated Solution

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The combination of two market-leading technologies for increasing the product and process quality in coating lines.

The integrated system of DUMA-BANDZINK Air-Knife + EMG Automation eMASS® Strip Stabilization System offers enhanced control of the wiping and coating process by using a closed loop control system, which is a model based coating weight control-system for optimal fine-tuning of the Air-Knife pressure control and positioning system. Due to its self-learning feature, it continuously optimizes the coating model during production to reach minimum coating weights and highest coating uniformity.

The Integrated Solution combines the best breeds from two world-leading technologies to the following benefits:

  • Most accurate zinc coating results
  • Very stable strip position and reduction of cross bow >60%
  • Air-Knife to strip distance <7 mm
  • Reduction in coating-weight deviation by factor 2

DUMA-BANDZINK JetPro® Air-Knives

will minimize coating weight deviations to +/- 1,2 % under optimal condition. The system creates uniform pressure distribution over the full length of the Air-Knife lips of < 1%. Also, in under 6 seconds, the patented radial controller will regulate the pressure automatically.

EMG Automation eMASS® strip stabilizer

will provide electromagnetic strip stabilization for the complete coating process. The system reduces strip vibration by over 50 % and reduces crossbows by over 60 %. In addition, the system has been developed in a variable modular design in order to meet custom requirements of the respective applications.

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