Cleaning Section


The quality demand from customers in the Cleaning Section of Continuous Processing Lines is highly increasing. Our system is one of the solutions to achieve this increased demand. It focuses on removing oil and irons in the alkali section and taking residuals away in the hot water section of the line to achieve the final cleaning result.

We are cooperating with the Japanese cleaning section expert Hotani, to provide established premium technology to our clients.

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Spray Electrolytic Equipment

The unique spray electrolytic system is used in the entry of the alkali section. It specializes in weakening the adhesive power of residual oil stuck on the strip by spraying ionized alkali solution onto the surface. In combination with the following brushing equipment, it maximizes the cleaning efficiency.

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High Performance

The spray electrolytic equipment improves cleaning performance dramatically. A proven track record from worldwide application shows solidity and long life.

Space Efficiency

Due to its compact design, this system can easily be installed into existing lines. Productivity is increased by reducing the total length of the line.

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Easy Maintenance

The electrodes of the equipment can be replaced in very short timeframes. The nozzle unit with the electrodes can also easily be drawn from the lateral side.

Energy Saving

Compared to the conventional dip electrolytic equipment, the power consumption is drastically reduced. While having the same or even better effects on the cleanliness, our system requires only about 20% of the energy a conventional system uses.

Brushing Equipment

The brushing equipment and brush types - ranging from mild cleaning to highly abrasive brushes – are individually selected for the customers cleaning requirements. The brushing equipment includes a variety of features to increase cleaning performance and lifetime of brushes. This includes automatic brush control, brush oscillation and automatic spray angle adjustment with flow monitoring.

Space Efficiency

The use of brush-on-brush design cuts the required space by half, compared to the conventional brush-on-backup roll design. Specially for revamping projects, this allows to implement additional cleaning equipment to improve the cleaning result.

Easy Maintenance & Safety

In order to reduce replacement times and effort, the brush rolls can be quickly drawn out horizontally during running production onto a roll exchange cart. The exchange procedure can be automated to the desired degree.

Automatic Brush Control

The brush load is dynamically adjusted by a dedicated control system, that uses the rotation motor power as input and adjusts the vertical positioning. This ensures a stable and balanced brushing process, while no manual intervention is required. The brush pressure is kept in sync on top and bottom resulting in only minimum vibrations.