Electrostatic Oiling machines

Reliable and rigid construction of DUMA-BANDZINK Oiling Machines deliver constant high-quality results for the steel and aluminium industry.

DUMA-BANDZINK covers all areas of electrostatic oiling - from regular, cost-efficient machines for applying rust-protective oils via specially developed machines for the application of different special oils, including Prelube and Drylube/Hotmelts, up to special machines for micro oiling in the aluminium or tin plate industry.

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Standard Oiling Machine

DUMA-BANDZINK electrostatic oiling machines are designed for typical oil coats between 0.2 and 3.0 g/sqm.

The choice of equipment is based on both the technical requirements and the customer's demands. We are happy to support you with technical expertise and and many years of experience.


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Two types of housing are in use, stationary machines as a cost-effective and space-saving variant and the mobile machine for optimized ease of maintenance.

Optional Zoned Spray Bar

Zoned spray bars are special designed spray bars with a variable spray width. The zones are activated according the actual produced strip width. This technology improves the amount of wasted or mixed oil and can reduce the over-oiling of the strip edges.

Special Oiling Machines

Micro Oiling Machine

DUMA-BANDZINK’s micro oiling machines are designed to apply micro oil layers between 5 to 20 mg/m². In the specially designed spray chambers, the oil is atomized finely, electrostatically charged and precisely metered. Micro oiling machines can be used with vertical strip travel and have an efficient suction system with oil mist separation.

Oiling Machines for Sheet Panels

In this case, the machine housing is equipped with transportation rolls which can move sheets of 500 mm minimum lengths through the machine while a maximum panel length is not defined. On the inside, the machine is equipped with grounded pole-rolls installed opposite the spray bar, to collect unused oil. This ensures that each panel will be led through an already existing oil curtain.

Oiling Machines for Skin-Pass-Lines

In this special machine model, the housing is located above the recoiler as there is limited space in the skin-pass- line. The oiling machine is moved upwards as the strip diameter is increasing. While rewinding, the coil is oiled on top side. Strip speeds of up to 1200 m/min. and up to 5.0 g/sqm of oiling layer may be applied. Zoned Spray bars are always included. These machines will always be custom-adjusted to the existing mounting conditions of the respective line.