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Mönchengladbach, April 30, 2024

Angang Guangzhou Automotive Steel orders second hot-dip galvanizing line from SMS group with an air-knife system from DUMA-BANDZINK

Angang Guangzhou Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. and Ansteel Engineering Technology Corporation Limited have signed a contract with SMS for the supply of a new hot dip galvanizing line (No. 2). The first ready-for-sale coil is scheduled for production in November 2025. The new No. 2 hot dip galvanizing line will be installed on the premises of Angang Guangzhou Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou and have an annual capacity of 400,000 tons. The production bay is to be located close to the existing No. 1 hot dip galvanizing line, also supplied by SMS in 2013.

The new No. 2 hot dip galvanizing is intended to produce exposed automotive panels that demand optimal surface quality. All key technological components covering the mechanical, thermal, process and E&A equipment will be designed and supplied by entities operating within SMS.

The technological centerpiece of the new No. 2 hot dip galvanizing line is the all-radiant-tube annealing furnace from DREVER International together with the air knife system from DUMA-BANDZINK, both companies of the SMS group. These systems ensure the right material properties within tight tolerances as well as the flawless surface condition that automotive end-users require for exposed qualities. The terminal and process equipment delivered by SMS’s Center of Competence for Processing Lines guarantees stable production and efficient maintenance. A high degree of modularization is incorporated in the chosen design. The electrical and automation systems from SMS bring the individual units together to form one smart and homogeneous facility.

Benefits of this technology:

This technology ensures stable production and optimized surface quality. SMS’s cleaning section removes surface contaminations efficiently and thoroughly thanks to a combination of mechanical, hydrodynamic and chemical process steps. The cleanliness of the strip surface is decisive for the final achievable product quality. The all-radiant-tube furnace from DREVER International is designed to strictly separate the furnace atmosphere, the combustion process, and the ambient environment, in order to avoid any deterioration in the surface condition during heat treatment. DUMA-BANDZINK’s air knife systems have a long history in providing optimal quality for galvanized surfaces. SMS’s inline skin pass mill is designed to finish the galvanized surface with a controlled surface imprint. In addition, the unit improves the strip shape to allow for easy stamping at the end users’ facilities in the automotive industry.

The scope of delivery of SMS includes the engineering, procurement, and delivery of the complete range of equipment required for the new No. 2 hot dip galvanizing line. Moreover, technical assistance is included during the erection and commissioning phases.

Angang Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. and SMS share a long and prosperous history. In terms of processing lines, SMS put the first hot dip galvanizing line – No.1 – successfully into operation in 2013. Not only that, two continuous annealing lines were jointly put into service at Angang’s main site in Anshan.

The new order for hot dip galvanizing line No. 2 at Angang Guangzhou Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. showcases SMS's capability, bolstered by its global presence, to deliver a high-class installation as a full-line EP project to the highly competitive Chinese market.


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