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Tocalo Co., Ltd.

TOCALO Co., Ltd. Japan is one of the world's leading companies in the field of surface technology. Since the company was founded in 1951, TOCALO has specialized in the development of various types for surface modification technologies. The core technology of the Japanese company is thermal spraying. With this technology, highly functional coatings are produced on the surface of industrial systems by using metals and / or ceramics.

The company's continuously developed and innovative spraying technologies are recognized worldwide, which makes TOCALO an excellent coating supplier.

Under license from TOCALO Co., Ltd. Japan, DUMA-BANDZINK is an authorized supplier of the high-performance thermal spray coatings for furnace rolls and pot rolls.
With the TOCALO coating process, we offer our customers proven and high-quality coating solutions that are particularly characterized by their strong effects against corrosion and wear. The pot roll coatings show exceptional hardness, compressive and traverse rupture strength and superior wear resistance. In addition, pot rolls coated by the proprietary TOCALO coating and sealing process also have greatly increased resistance to zinc dross adhesion.

In the field of ​​TOCALO furnace roller coatings, our customers benefit from better pick-up resistance than standard furnace roll coatings as well as a significantly increased service life of the rolls.