Zinc Pot Equipment

Zinc Pot Equipment

Perfect stiffness and rotational stability are the key to outstanding coating results.

DUMA-BANDZINK pot equipment is designed in maximum rigidity so that any form of distortion on the bearing seat is avoided. Thus, vibrations and zinc coating deviations are drastically minimized. In addition to further positive effects, a significantly measurable advantage in comparison to competitors assures our pot equipment when producing exposed automotive strip grades or advanced high-strength steel grades (AHSS). Our new Generation II rigs and arms are individually optimized for each line and roll position in relation to the resulting forces.

Main features

  • Extremely high total rigidity of the system
  • High rotational stability of the rolls
  • Good controllability of strip form
  • Low wear of components

Customer’s benefits:

  • Stable strip run
  • High process speed (even when thin strip dimensions are processed)
  • Optimal strip form
  • No surface defects caused by roll scratches
  • Longer production campaigns

Our range of products comprises:

  • Rigs and arms (individually optimized generation II)
  • Pot rolls
  • Dross Pumps
  • Snouts

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