Zinc Ingot Charging Systems

Zinc Ingot Charging Systems

For automatic feeding of alloyed metal ingots into melt pots

An efficient product for automatic feeding of alloyed metal ingots into melt pots with focus on employee safety. New and current industrial safety acts and security targets are the central aspect of this development.

Conventional manual feeding of zinc ingots via chain system implies increased safety risks for the operating staff.
The new zinc ingot charging system of DUMA-BANDZINK is highly efficient and operates automatically and inexpensive. The system is designed for zinc ingots of 1,000 respectively 2,000 kgs. 2 types are offered for custom-made operation:

  • Ingot charging system with zinc-proof dipping basket and feeding mechanism
  • Ingot charging system via lifting table

Both types are designed to reduce bath turbulences to a minimum.

Without considering the type, the melt bath level is kept almost constant.
By this, possible bath turbulences are minimized.

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