Repair and Coating Services

Repair and Coating Services

Repair and Coating Services

We offer own extensive machining, welding and assembly capacities to supply roll and equipment repairs. Special emphasis and know-how is placed on pot equipment for HDGLs, but we also offer years of experience regarding the reprocessing of further equipment and process rolls such as furnace and conductor rolls.

Also, DUMA-BANDZINK provides numerous coating possibilities for zinc bath rolls, furnace rolls and conductor rolls (e.g. HVOF or APS). Primarily, we employ tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, cobald-chromium compounds, ceramics, super alloys and cermets.

We carry out repair and coating services for the following roll types and features:

Zinc bath rolls

  • Non-adhesive coatings against Zn/Al build-ups
  • Extremely high wear resistance

Furnace rolls

  • High resistance to Fe and Mn/Si build-ups
  • Oxidation and wear resistance up to temperatures of 950┬░ C

Conductor rolls

  • Outstanding corrosion resistance (chemical or electrical)
  • Extension of lifetime of conductor rolls (regarding grinding)

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