Galvanizing, Aluminizing and Tinning

Galvanizing, Aluminizing and Tinning

Industry-leading Results for The Selective Application of Zinc or Aluminium on Continuously Processed Steel Strip

DUMA-BANDZINK galvanizing and aluminising systems are characterized by outstanding coating results using a minimum of Zn/Al layers. Moreover, the equipment is robust in service and easy in maintenance and handling.

The scope of supply comprises cost-effective basic machines to individually customized high-end types implying all features for maximising galvanizing line capacities as well as simplifying operation.

DUMA-BANDZINK equipment offers zinc coating from 30 to 350 g/sqm with highest surface uniformity on products such as GI, GA, Galfan, Galvalume and high-quality ALSi surfaces. Our equipment is designed for high speeds of up to 200 meters per minute or even more via continuous development.

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